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RIM's legal woes

By kvnmklly ·
Most of you who are BlackBerry users have no doubt heard of the legal battle that is threatening RIM's ability to operate the e-mail functionality of the devices in the United States.

My question: what's your Plan B if BlackBerry devices become useless in the near future?

My company depends on them heavily. I know there are alternatives, but the thought of throwing away the investment in the handsets, infrastructure, and end-user training gives me indigestion.

Thoughts or commiseration welcome.

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Interesting...Would you mind providing some info on this?

by Garion11 In reply to RIM's legal woes

My company recently deployed BB nationally...and the whole operation is dependent on the BB. Uh...there is no backup plan at this point (or atleast I am not aware of it). Could you please provide me a link to this issue? I am curious about the legal issues...Thank you much.

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Plan B?

by dazdtwo In reply to Interesting...Would you m ...

This from the Research in Motion site again today. It seems to me this fuss has been ongoing for far too long, mostly 'cause "where there's a will, there's generally a relative with an outrageous claim!" ... NTP will, like the relative, have to first prove their outrageous claim...they haven't yet, and then show that RIM has behaved inappropriately...they haven't yet. In the mean time, I did a rudimentary search on this Like ALL REPUTABLE HARDWARE VENDORS, RIM apparently has a Plan B for such an eventuality.
RIM says:

"...As a contingency, RIM has also been preparing software workaround designs which it intends to implement if necessary to maintain the operation of BlackBerry services in the United States."
.....and I presume this means everyelse as well.

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nevermind, I found it.

by Garion11 In reply to RIM's legal woes


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RIM's legal woes

by kpasanski In reply to RIM's legal woes

I have heard of this but can't seem to find a link to more info.

I am an IT Administrator for a major auto company in Michigan where we rely heavily on Blackberrys (especially the executives). Can you point me in the right direction for this information?

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BB Work around.

by jpiper151 In reply to RIM's legal woes

I work for a big Goverment Contracting Company. Here is what we got from RIM:

This only affects the US no where else. Goverment and emergency Services will also not be affected.

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