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How in the world can I avoid this, well, ripping, that is, the breaking of the music, when it should not be ripped, when it should not be broken apart? (I'm talking about making compilations).
Let me explain. With two songs, with a clear pause between them, there's no problem. But, what happens when you have a continuous, uninterupted flow of music, such as, in an opera, or in many other types of great music?
How can this RIPPING of music be avoided?

Sorin, a music lover

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A fair question - badly worded ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ripping

If, by RIPPING, you mean avoiding the Ripper dividing the recorded file into lots of smaller ripped files, because it thinks they are individual tracks?

You can adjust the sound level that invokes the cut-off point. If you adjust it to zero the ripper will just keep going until YOU stop it.

However, in the strictest sense of the term, if you are ripping a commercially produced CD, it may well already have predefined breaks that you have no control over while ripping.

You should download and install 'Audacity':

You can then import multiple 'short' ripped tracks in Audacity, thereafter re-assembling them into one 'large' track.

If you want to record a continuous MP3 (without breaks) then download and install 'Hi-Q Recorder':

You will find it perfect for recording music that you are streaming from the internet, into one continuous MP3 file.

Audacity can then be used to insert breaks where and when you want them.

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In Addition to Old Mycroft's excellent post

by IC-IT In reply to Ripping

Roxio also has a tracks toolbar that allows you to merge tracks and control the transition between tracks. I am sure Nero has a similiar option.

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