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Risks - lack of protection over client machines

By paul.roper ·
Hi there, I am a relatively inexperienced IT Auditor for the health service in England. Each of our hospitals has its own network and these vary from NT, 2000 to 2003. Our server rooms have a high level of physical protection however our client machines could easily be accessed by a member of the public. I cannot do anything about this - its the nature of the organisation.

I am trying to assess the risks that this causes.

I have been reading material and this suggests the following:

For NT workstations it would be possible to use a NTFSDOS boot disk to extract the SAM file from the workstation. LC4 could then be used to crack to the local administrator account password. For these workstations I intend to recommend that all confidential files are stored on fileservers and that the service pack with SYSKEY is applied.

For 2000 Professional/XP Pro workstations a boot disk is available that allows the password of any local account to be set. As all users logon to the domain, only administrator and guest account should be stored in the workstation's SAM. For these workstations I intend to recommend that the BIOS is amended so that the machine boots only from the HDD. The BIOS should then be password protected. I will also recommend users take advantage of EFS.

I would appreciate any comments/critisms on my intended recommendations. Are there ways to circuvent my suggestions (I know it may be possible to reset BIOS passwords).

Also, after auditing laptops I realised that users could logon using the domain account while disconnected from the network. I assume there must be a hash of the user's domain password stored on the laptop. I cannot locate these doamin accounts in the SAM. Are there any tools which can recover the hashed domain account passwords from client machines?

Thanks in advance, Paul

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