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By suganthi2004 ·
I need to work on roaming profile,and have created the profiles folder in the "c:documents and settings".Also given the profile path for the user(\\server\profiles\username).But when i login with the username, iam getting " windows cannot locate the server copy of your roaming profile and cannot load. this might be due to insufficient security rights

detail : access denied

Pls guide me on how to solve this issue

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by Jacky Howe In reply to roaming profile

is the Servers Operating System?

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A bit of info

by Jacky Howe In reply to What

What steps did you follow to creat the user accounts. You have to manually create the folders with the Username and share them or use automation to do the task. I normally create them in \domainname\users\user and share them with a $ sign (user$) to hide them from prying eyes. I also do the same with the Profile directory so that it can't be seen. Profiles folder is shared as Profiles$


\domainname\Start Menu

I then use xcacls.exe to set permissions on the Profiles and Home directories.


echo y| xcacls %LOGONSERVER%\profiles$\%1 /T /G "Administrators":F %1:F

Administrators = Full Control
Users = Full Control

You could run XCACLs and give the Administrator and Users Full control of their %username% Folder.

You could run XCACLs and give the Administrator and Users Full control of their Profiles Folder.

This is how I change Permissions with SBS 2003. Set it up something like this and run userperm.bat

The Administrator and the User has full control over the Folder with 2 files.


echo y| xcacls %LOGONSERVER%\profiles$\%1 /T /G "Administrators":F %1:F

call c:\chperm.bat user1
call c:\chperm.bat user2
call c:\chperm.bat user3

I normally copy these files to the root of the Server.Just add the Users to UserPerm.bat as per example.

Some links that will explain Permissions and a couple of ways to Automate the Process.

Access Control:

HOW TO: Use Xcacls.exe to modify NTFS permissions:

How to Use CACLS.EXE in a Batch File:

This step-by-step article describes how to use the Extended Change Access Control List tool (Xcacls.exe) to modify and view NTFS permissions for files or folders.

You can use Xcacls.exe to set all file-system security options that are accessible in Windows Explorer from the command line. Xcacls.exe does this by displaying and modifying the access control lists (ACLs) of files.

Xcacls.exe is especially useful in unattended installations of Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server. By using this tool, you can set the initial access rights for folders in which the operating system resides. When you distribute software to servers or workstations, Xcacls.exe also offers one-step protection against deletion of folders or files by users.

Edit: forgot to add a reference to scripting

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roaming profile

by suganthi2004 In reply to A bit of info

I had used ADMT tool for migration of users from linux AD to windows AD.migration was successful and now i had created "profiles" folder in "c\doc and settings".

Pls let me know exactly the sharing and security permissions that i should apply to the profiles folder.meanwhile i will check up with the xcacls.exe.will this update the permissions automatically?.will it affect any other settings?

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roaming profile

by suganthi2004 In reply to What

iam not able to get your question.

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