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By ahmed2324 ·
am working with two computers connected together (in a domain model)where
the first computer is windows 2003 server ,
the second computer is xp pro(client),
some domain users have roaming profiles,
i created that as the following
1.create one folder called "profiles" and share it
2.create one folder for each domain user by its name and share it
3.change the user profile of each domain user

but every time they are logon ( either to client or the server) .... and every time they are logon, the following message is displayed
"windows did not load ur roaming profile and is attempting to log u on with local profile changes to the profile will not be copied to the server when u log off. windows did not load ur profile because a server copy of the profile folder, already exists that does not have the correct security.Either the current user or the administrator group must be the owner of the folder contact ur network administrator"

and then it is followed by another message "windows can not find the local profile and is logging u on with a temporary profile . changes u make to this profile will be lost when u log off "

and by the way even so if the domain user made changes in the desktop(take for example in the client) and then log off , and logon after sometime (to the client) , the changes which he made will not be saved ......

i tried to make sure whether they have roaming profile by going to (system properties and then user profiles) and found it "roaming profile"

so plz help me to solve this problem
waiting for reply

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by dryflies In reply to roaming profile

This is a permissions problem. make sure the user has full control rights to the share where the roaming profile is located. do this both in the "sharing" permissions and the "security" permissions. you should also make them the owner of the share but I do not think that is required.

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by Whatme? In reply to roaming profile

It is a permission problem. What happened is: you, as admin, created each of these folders. Once you create your share(profiles) you didn't have to create a separate folder for each. Once they logged in, it would have been created for them with their security.
You will have to now add permissions for each of the users(one by one) or simply delete all these folders and start again.

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