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By wemanuelson ·
I have roaming profiles and use Citrix in W2K environment. My question is I have a 3rd party application that uses queries that users set up. These queries are saved per user and they default to the LocalDrive\Documents & Settings\"%username%. Therefore these queries are not saved when the user logs off and they have to set them up again next time. If the folder that these queries are saved in was included in the roaming profile this would solve the issue I am hoping. Do you know how I could get these queries to be saved in the roaming profile instead on the local machine. The vendor says it is not something they can do.

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Had a similar issue...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Roaming Profile

I had a 3rd Party app (Pathlore LMS) that I was running in a Citrix environment, and I encountered similar restrictions.

I ended up having to modify the environment variables for TMP and TEMP, as well as perform a slight registry tweak for the application.

Push the vendor to help determine what changes could be made to make this work. If they give you gruff, and say they can't answer that request, say:

"I have another question, that perhaps you can help me with. Do you happen to know the difference between a paying customer and a former customer?"

Good luck!

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Point Taken

by wemanuelson In reply to Had a similar issue...

Ok so really what I want is my Application is hard coded to direct the query codes to C:\Documents&Settings\%username% but it is not finding a C:\drive because on the citrix boxes the local directory is N so can we create a variable to say send %systemroot%\documents&settings\%username% to N:\documents&Settings\%username% for this application?

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Well that's a whole other issue.

by bart777 In reply to Point Taken

This is why I no longer remap citrix drives to other drive letters.

Ok, first you will need to determine if you can redirect to the N drive within the program, or to some other location.

There may be an INI file that has the mapping in it. If this is the case then you should be able to redirect the query save location to any location on the network including the users home directory on another server. This would remove your need for roaming profiles.
You might also want to look inside the program itself and see if there is some option for changing this similar to how Office can have it's save file loaction changed.

If you cannot find the file or the setting then you'll need to contact the vendor and explain to them that your system drive is not C but N and see if they can help you find it or get you a patch to make it work.

best of luck

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