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By phunter ·
I am ghosting some new computers (with WinXp OS) to our schools domain which is currently running a Windows 2000 server. The computers have 75g C problem is that when I ghost a machine and logon, the amount of disk space is all but consumed by the default roaming profile of a login. Is there a way to change the default roaming profile to a local profile from the server? How do I go about creating a local profile so that a.) logon time won't take forever and b.) the c drive does not get full...?? I know this has to do with a group policy? How do I create for all users on our domain?

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by CG IT In reply to Roaming Profile

find it hard to believe a roaming profile is taking up 75 GB of drive space.

you can copy profiles from the server to removable media, install it on the local machine, change the file to ntuser.dat

long log in times are usually associated with client machines unable to find a DNS server in which to find a DC to authenticate with. Check your DNS settings. Another reason is a slow link.

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by CG IT In reply to

you can also change the .man for users to .dat on the server because their profiles are stored on the server not the local machine. Not sure why I mentioned installing a profile on the local machine...must be terrible Tuesday.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Roaming Profile

This link should point you in the right direction about setting up your Roaming Profiles so that they log on quickly and work properly.

Slow log on times are almost always associated with faulty DHCP settings or maybe somehow in this case when the client logs in it is attempting to download all the Data to the Local Machine which could account for the long log in times and loss of HDD Space.


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