Roaming profile boot time is insane....

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I'm hoping someone can tell me what is the "normal" average time it takes to boot computers with roaming profiles. I work in a small office of 15 clients, all running XP, and using Server 2003. It's frustrating because the average time to boot is between 10-15 minutes, and days where it may be 20+. Is there maybe something I can tweak to decrease this boot time? Please help if you can! Thank you.

"Frustrated" LR_techgurl

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get faster connections

by w2ktechman In reply to Roaming profile boot time ...

or keep people from saving data to their desktops, my docs, etc.
As the user profile obtains more information (files, etc.) the boot times decrease massively. This is most noticeable on networks that are not running at peak performance speeds, or that have many user logons (roaming profiles) at or about the same time.
If there are network shares for their information, and they are only allowed to save to those shares, just map drives to them and this should help decrease logon times.

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Time = Size

by Andrew Martin In reply to get faster connections


You need to be looking at what exactly are you roaming. Are you roaming everything? Or just the bit of the profile that you need to roam?

For a start repoint their My Documents folder to their home drive. Right click - properties, etc...

I prefer H:\My Documents. That's me. Use your own judgement here. ANd leave it on the server. Next - get them to remove all of their files off their desktops.
Next make sure that all of their email PSTs if they have them are in H:\email. Again this is my convention and it seems to work well.

Next go through each of the machines with DELPROF from MS. This deletes profiles depending on the criteria you give it. Worth reading up on this one.

Next heavily defrag the boxes every day to two days. Roaming profiles take up space, has it own cache (you can deleteroamingcache too - look this up at MSDN or Technet).

Ideally look at what you are actually roaming and remove the stuff that you really do not need: Cookies, etc. Keep only what you do: Favourites, etc. Server side the rest and you'll be good to go and your users will be happy to boot.

Hope this helps.

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