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    Roaming Profile Corrupt?


    by kitty81 ·

    I need some help with a problem i’m having on a Win XP machine on a domain connected to a Win 2000 Server (one of two that we have on the network). Yesterday i tried loggin the machine onto the network and it came up with the message ‘Cannot retrieve roaming profile, will load with local profile’.

    We have moved the profile from the secondary server to the main server. The PC doesn’t come up with the above message anymore but the profile still isn’t loading properly. The favourites and some desktop items (shortcuts to files on the network drive) are missing. I am also unable to edit the profile -i tried adding the quick launch toolbar as it had disappeared and it came up with an error saying ‘Cannot create toolbar’.

    I installed UPHclean to try and sort a problem the PC was having with not being able to unload the profile (not shown in the log below). And have added the registry key ‘GpNetworkStartTimeoutPolicy’ with a value of 60 to sort out the problem it was having connecting to the server (which is why it says below that the server is reachable after retries).

    I have tried different network cables and network cards.

    Please find below the USERENV log for today….

    USERENV(2b4.2b8) 07:55:03:031 CUserProfile::CleanupUserProfile: Ref Count is not 0
    USERENV(2b4.2b8) 07:55:03:046 CUserProfile::CleanupUserProfile: Ref Count is not 0
    USERENV(2b4.2b8) 07:55:03:046 CUserProfile::CleanupUserProfile: Ref Count is not 0
    USERENV(2b4.5c0) 07:55:04:703 ProcessGPOs: The DC for domain MORGAN-WEST is not available at startup. retrying
    USERENV(2b4.5c0) 07:55:16:921 ProcessGPOs: DC for domain MORGAN-WEST is reachable after retries.
    USERENV(2b4.2b8) 08:21:06:796 SetNtUserPolTime: couldn’t get file attributes , error = 2
    USERENV(2b4.2b8) 08:21:06:828 UnloadUserProfile: Failed to SetNtUserPolTime, hr = 80070002

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      This might help…

      by fahimsolkar ·

      In reply to Roaming Profile Corrupt?

      hey kay…

      Have u tried recreating the roaming profile again.. ?? I know it sounds somewhat stupid… but there is no harm in trying that.. is it.. ?? you need to provide more details.. on the exact error message & do u get the same error message while trying to log with same profile on a different system.. ??

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        by kitty81 ·

        In reply to This might help…

        Many thanks for your response. We actually did completely delete the profile from the network drive. We created a blank folder for the profile in exactly the same place and the computer had major problems accessing it, so we moved it to another folder and now everything seems to be fine. Very strange that it had problems with certain folders on the networked drive even though they have the correct access rights.

        Could this have just been a corrupt profile?

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          U r Right..

          by fahimsolkar ·

          In reply to Sorted…kinda!

          Hey Kay,

          Yes sometimes the profiles do get corrupt.. so under these circumstances we need to delete the corrupt profiles.. which should help.. at the same time you need make sure u also delete the hidden profiles..which are necessary to get rid of everything with respect to that profiles.. & I am sure you must have taken a backup of the profiles.. which I regularly do.. If you have any issues or queries u can always.. write to me .. my email address

          thanks & Regards,

          Fahim Solkar..

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          similar problem

          by tmcgrath ·

          In reply to U r Right..

          -I have one user(out of 25) on the domain that is consistently having an issue. the error says it cannot retrieve the roaming profile and will use the locally stored profile. over the last number of weeks I have fixed it by changing it in ‘my computer’ to a local profile, reboot the machine logging in as the user and changing it to a roaming profile. It works for a week or so, then fails again.
          Does anyone have a permenant solution.

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          same problem as tmcgrath

          by malyadayada ·

          In reply to similar problem

          the profile keep changing to local profile…..
          help please…..

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