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Roaming Profile Download problem

By MDunigan62 ·
We have WindowsXP clients with NetWare v6.0 servers and ZEN for Desktops v3.2 SP2. We use Roaming Profiles to keep the user's desktop consistent from day to day and machine to machine. The problem that we have is that the Roaming Profile does not always download. If the XP workstation has any issue downloading, it prompts the user to either use the Local profile or download from the network. The problem is that Use Local is the default and the dialog has a 30 second timer before the default is chosen. Q177147 talkes about a Registry Key to make the default Download for Win2000, but it does not seem to work consistently on WinXP.

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by jschein In reply to Roaming Profile Download ...

The only true fix to this which is horrible is that the usrs must keep their profiles below 10mb...

Items that take up most of the profile:

Desktop - Users save junk all over their desktop ( should only be program shortcuts)
Local/personal folder - User should have their my documents mapped to a network folder of their own or saved outside of the local profile area.

Temp internet ... - Change I.E. properties from saving 999mb of web history to 1.

Doing all of this will remove any further issues of this occurring again... UNLESS the user decides to save their personal files baby photos or whatever they like to get to on their desktop again.

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by MDunigan62 In reply to

I have checked with users when they had the problem and the profiles varied from 5MB up to 15MB. At the same time, some users with large profiles did not see the message. grrrr

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by ScooterMESSA In reply to Roaming Profile Download ...

We attempted to implement roaming profiles in our enviroment and had similar things occur.

Make sure all systems are up to date with patches; these do seriously help. (proably more in the Win2k area.. but give it a try)

One thing we did to assist the the profile issue was to redirect the My Documents to a remote location (\\CoolFileServer\UserName\My Documents). Then we excluded the My Docs folder from being synced thru roaming profiles.

This cut down on profile size a ton; and My Docs are always avail to everyone.

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