Roaming Profile error

By tschmidt ·
We have a computer lab with about 25 PCs set up with roaming profiles. I'd say about 10 of them receive this error message when logging in:

Your roaming profile is not available. You are logged on with the locally stored profile. Changes to the profile will not be copied to the server. Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient security rights. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator.

I have checked user permissions and they match the ones that do work. Anybody have any experience with this error and can help me out?


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Try these...

by IT cowgirl In reply to Roaming Profile error

If you receive an error concerning the loading of your profile and Event ID 1000 - Source: Userenv appears in the Application Event Log, chances are:
1. You changed Permissions on the local %system root%\Profiles folder. The EVERYONE group needs Change permissions to load the profile. You also need at least Read on the system root and drive root.

2. If the system partition is low on space, or the registry size limit has been exceeded, the profile can fail to load.

3. The profile is corrupted. Either the local Ntuser.dat, or the roaming copy of Ntuser.dat is corrupted. When this occurs, there is usually an event indicating a RegLoadKey failure.

4. The %system root%\Profiles\Default User folder is missing and the account does NOT have a cached local profile and is NOT configured for a roaming profile.

When you look at the Application Event Log, Event ID 1000 will have one of the following details where %s is the UserName and %d is the system

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What I forgot to mention

by tschmidt In reply to Try these...

Sorry I didn't mention this before, the event id is 1506 Source:Userenv. The strange thing is that it doesn't happen all the time. When working on it yesterday it happened 4 or 5 times, today it hasn't done it once. Would this be a sure sign of corruption?

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Reponse To Answer

by rdeckert In reply to Try these...

I haven't seen too many new post on this issue. My situation is that we are using a Citrix farm. I first thought it was just a permission issue. I corrected the permissions in the profile folder for this one user who is having an issue. When the user first logged on to the computer a profile was created. The next day she logged on the user received the "your roaming profiles is not available". As mentioned I corrected the permisions and had the user logged off after a reboot and it found the correct profile. The next day it seem to work ok, the following day the user recieved the profile not available message again. I double checked permissions in the profile folder and all the Citrix servers as well. The user's profile match everyone elses. In this office I have about 90 users and her profile is the only one getting this issue. I will attempt one more time to delete all profiles and try again. Meanwhile if someone has a suggestion or solution please post it.

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What about the

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Roaming Profile error

network problems option then?

Have you checked for these?

Most likely cause is incorrect DNS setings on the PC's in question. Check that such computers can resolve and contact the profile server.

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