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    Roaming Profile Migration


    by lamczyknic3000 ·

    Hi everyone,

    What I need help with is moving Roaming profiles stored locations. They are currently stored on server-a1 and I would like them to be stored on server-a2 in order to down grade server-a1. Active directory is configured on server-a2 and has the operations master roles. How do I go about relocating the roaming profiles stored location from one server to another. Thank you.

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      Have you checked Microsoft’s Knowledgebase?

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to Roaming Profile Migration

      Basically, you have to know where the profiles are currently residing on the old server and simpy move the shared folder over to the new server and reshare it. You will have to repermission the new share accordingly and change your users’ accounts to point to the new share on the new server for their profiles. It’s as simple as that. A profile is simply an ntuser.dat file and a bunch of other stuff specific to a user and is easily relocated. The only catch is that the user account has to know where to find it and ensure that it has the proper access control rights to see it.

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      Why a DC?

      by rasilon ·

      In reply to Roaming Profile Migration

      You seem to think that Roaming Profiles need to be on a DC. I’d suggest that it’s better if they are not. If server-a1 is to remain a member server, then leave things as they are.

      If you *must* move the profiles, try NTBACKUP or ROBOCOPY to copy the profile directories. Be sure no one is logged on (other than the administrator) or there will be files in use that will cause problems in copying….

      Hank Arnold

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      Re: Roaming Profile Migration

      by dchristy ·

      In reply to Roaming Profile Migration

      Part of the answer depends on how you have roaming profiles created, are they set up in the properties in AD, or are you using Group Policy?

      In either case you would start by copying the profile folders to the new server – use XCopy, or some similar tool to retain permissions; alternatively you could do a backup/restore to move the files to the new server (probably best method).

      You would then change the AD settings (Account Properties/Profile Tab/Profile Path) or the GPO to point to the new location. You can test how it worked by re-pointing a user, or couple of users before changing everyone’s settings, which I would highly recommend.

      If you have a large number of users, and are setting the path in AD you can easily find scripts to change that property.

      Hope that helps

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