Roaming profile shares not assigning rights anymore

By GreyIT ·
Being a sysadmin in a school, I just finished recreating the user accounts for this semester. We use a vbs script to accomplish this. The side effect is that the profile and home folders are created upon first login, and get as owner the user themselves, rather than the admin group (which occurs when you manually add users to AD)

Sometime this morning, the storage server refused to correctly assign permissions on the roaming profile folders for our users. I have 44 students with correct profile permissions, the rest is created incorrectly.
The new folders (created on first login) have no permissions, and no owner.

This does not only occur on script created users, but also on any and every testuser I manually create in AD (even the ones I start from scratch, rather than copy from a previous user)

On a sidenote, the users now experience "offline file syncing" on every logoff, even though that is specifically disabled in group policy (and a quick RSOP on a random user confirms that offline files are fully disabled). Don't know if the two are connected or not. Anyone have any ideas what I'm dealing with here / how to solve it?

PS: server restart has not been tried yet due to operational priority; if that does the trick i'll make a mention of it.

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by GreyIT In reply to Roaming profile shares no ...

Both my DC and my storage server have 2 LAN connections, one to network (staffnet), and one to (studentnet).

Accounts who perform their first login on staffnet do not show this problem, those who perform their first login on studentnet do.

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