Roaming profile will not upload to server 2003

By TheBlueGoose ·
An enduser of mine has a desktop PC that he has used for several months and recently we got him a new laptop for use for his mobile needs. I setup a roaming profile for him in Server 2003 R2 so he could use both units and keep his profile up to date with any changes he makes while on the road. What i found was that his desktop PC would not copy his profile to the server after several reboots and relogs. I finally forced it over using the "copy to" function and it worked fine(or so I thought). At this point I logged him off and then moved to the laptop and logged him on to it for the first time. The profile came over to the laptop just as it should.

Now I tested the roaming profile for profile replication from the 2 PC's to the server copy and vice versa.

I made changes to the laptop desktop by adding a file to it and it showed up on the server copy of the profile when I logged off.

Desktop PC:
When I logged onto it, it downloaded the changes I made earlier while logged on the laptop, but when I tested it for upload funtion by making a change to the desktop, it would not upload a change over to the server. I tried rebooting and relogging several times and it just didn't want to do it.

Now I checked permissions on the profile folders/files to make sure there wassn't an issue there. The permissions were all set for full control for the user, the system, the domain admin, and the domain admins group.

At his point I made a test acct and tried the same thing and everything worked on both the laptop and the Desktop Pc as it should.

Any ideas what might be causing the Desktop Pc to not want to upload to the profile on the server as it should?

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Roaming profiles can be SOOOO much fun!

by bart777 In reply to Roaming profile will not ...

Odds are there is a file (Usually a tmp file) in the profile that is failing to upload. This can cause the whole thing not to load. At times they just need to be reset and the users gets to start over after you copy the docs and desktop.

Now there is only 1 other thing you can check but I don't think it will help. Verify that the profile location on the server has this user as the Owner of the folder.

The easiest way to fix this, since you already have a copy of the profile, is to **** away teh local one on the PC and let the machine bring down the server copy.

Best of luck

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Yeah too much fun...

by TheBlueGoose In reply to Roaming profiles can be S ...

I copied used to copy to function in the user profiles window on the desktop Pc so it made the permissions and control in the hands of the user. Thanks for the help :)

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Reponse To Answer

by dazzam74 In reply to Roaming profiles can be S ...

hi bart777, new to tech republic so please advise if i am not following correct protocol by asking my question here, but i have an issue with logging in with a new user and not getting a roaming profile to function correctly. environment is sbs server 2003 with terminal server 2003. I have added a new user through AD and confirmed the profile path, etc are correct. Yet when I login to the Terminal Server via an RDP session from within the netwrok (whether from a machine on the domain or not), I get the warining message that I am being loaded with a temp profile and i lose my saved settings when I log out and back in again.
suspect i might have to recreate this user again, but if this is the case for purposes of troubleshooting, if you could perhaps advise what i require doing to backup and info already stored on this user prior to deleting/recreating user so as to not lose any information.

many thanks in advance
any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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