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Roaming Profiles

By edgeymaster ·
Well since I fixed network problem with win 7 now I face another one. We are running win 2003 small business server with xp clients. The issue I have is the roaming profile. Is there something I need to do with win 7 machine to get the users profile to come up? This is the first time installing a win 7 machine to the domain.

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RE: Come up

by NexS In reply to Roaming Profiles

What do mean 'come up'?

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by edgeymaster In reply to RE: Come up

Sorry, what I mean is when a user saves a document to thier my documents folder in xp it saves it to the server, which all profiles are saved there. With win7 how do I get the document saved in the same profile that was used in xp? I know that xp and win7 are not compatable as xp is v1 and win7 is v2. I read soooo much on this issue and still don't have a idea on this issue. any help will be great. Just note that we have only one win7 nachine and the other 6 are xp and running server 2003 small business.

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On the profile

by NexS In reply to Profiles

Go to:
Right-click on My Documents, choose properties then select the 'Location' tab.

You should be able to change the file location from there.

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My Documents

by edgeymaster In reply to On the profile

I went to C:\Users\%username%\ but i dont see my documents there. I do see admin and administrtator folders. where do i find that folder.

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Did you migrate the profile?

by seanferd In reply to My Documents

Just assigning the same user name in he new OS won't cut it. Need to have the same GUID and all.

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by edgeymaster In reply to Did you migrate the profi ...

What do you mean the same GUID?? and all?? If you could give me some steps that would be great. i am finding out that you can not have xp profile with win 7 machine. The simple of it is that i need to have users have thier profile on this win 7 machine. But I realize that its not going to happen to I might be going back to xp

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Roaming Profiles

by querinmelsen In reply to Roaming Profiles

I'm primarily a Linux admin, and I've found myself put in charge of maintaining an AD domain. I think I want to move the domain setup to use roaming profiles, but I have no experience with this at all. Firstly, what are the benefits and pitfalls with roaming profiles, and secondly, what resources would you recommend to help me make the transition? Thanks!
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