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Roaming Profiles and Outlook Express

By sostermann ·
We have implimented roaming profiles on our Windows 2003 server domain. It is working great accept for the fact that I just discovered that the "Local Settings" folder is not copied to the roaming profile. THis is where the outlook express store folder is.

What is the best practice for creating roaming OE folders? We have some users that need to access there e-mail from different workstations.

We do not host our own e-mail. The clients are running 2000 Pro.

Thank you for any insight.

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roaming errors

by ericl_w19 In reply to Roaming Profiles and Outl ...

yea just wait till the profiles start getting errors.the fun shall begin.sorry cant answer your question but i suggest not using roaming profiles unless you really need it and no other choice.

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RE: Roaming Profiles and Outlook Express

by yusuf310 In reply to Roaming Profiles and Outl ...

its simple,
copy .pst files on server's \Mailbox\user and when you create outlook profile for roaming user link the pst file from the server location eg; \\\mailbox\user name.
i m sure that there wont be any problem when user logs in to any he/she will be able to use
outlook easily. it is tested i have 150 roaming users, 70 with outlook configured.

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RE: Roaming Profiles and Outlook Express - FIX

by daniel.hinton In reply to RE: Roaming Profiles and ...

Hi all

Change OE store folder to root of roaming profile folder on local computer e.g. C:\Documents And Settings\%USERNAME%\OEMAIL\ and the files will synchronise to the server roaming profile folder when the user logs on/off. If you are supporting 50+ or 100+ users, you shouldn't be using outlook express!

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by johnblund In reply to RE: Roaming Profiles and ...

This is something that I have just tested at our company and it work fine, but it requires me to login one time for every user and change this location in OE or the registry at the location:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{GUID}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0]
"Store Root"

I have googled for hours and read forums all over to try and find a script or .reg file that the user could run first time he/she logs in that modifies this, but the big problem is the {GUID} since there seems like it cannot be replaced with a wildcard, or can it? Any other suggestions for my issue?

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