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    roaming profiles and printing problems


    by homer simpson instructor at large ·

    I have a network of about 100 users that use roaming profiles – Windows 2000 on the server and workstation sides. They change workstations several times a day due to scheduling. I have the default printer set with an active directory computer startup policy. Each user area has a default printer which is assigned to the workstation through the startup policy. Unfortunately if they flip locations and print, several but not all users will experience their print jobs go to the previous location’s printer, even if they have specified the current room printer with the File ->Print command. It may be only one application on the computer that does it, or all of them…it doesn’t really have defined lines. I suspect roaming profiles but why does it shoot itself to the wrong printer?

    Any ideas?

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      by gdh19701 ·

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      I, too, suspect it to be a roaming profile issue. Have you checked to see if the user restarts the machine (rather than logoff/logon at a new location) if the issue still occurs.

      It sounds to me that if a user has a specific printer incorporated into his/her user profile, then it will regenerate no matter what workstation they are logging into.

      Another possbility could be that when the user migrates from one area to another, that the printer port is not carrying through to the new location. Is there a way for your to reconfigure the port so that it prints to the right location?

      With this many users, and several printers, are you using print pooling? This could be a conflict with your group policy.

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      by omie ·

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      I think that has something to the roaming profile. I am wondering why you included the printer in the roaminf profile. Each computer has to be mapped to a default printer and it is logical that you use the nearest printer.

      That could be achieved by using “net use” with a pervasive connections.

      I hope this could be of help ..

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      Reply To: roaming profiles and printing problems

      by shmaltz ·

      In reply to roaming profiles and printing problems

      You didn’t mention how they print from those apps. Are they using the print button? or are they clicking on File > Print (CTR + P)? using the former it will only print to the Default Printer. Try updating the logonscript thru active directory to set the closest printer as the default printer. I don’t think it has anything to do with the romaing profiles, in my opinion it has to do with Windows and/or app settings.

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