Roaming Profiles Clogging up Computer's

By dhuffine ·
Ok so here's a quickie... I use DelPro to remove profiles from all the computers in the office once someone leaves and or whatever. But I have some 500 computers to do this to, and I find myself doing this once to twice a week some weeks. Is there any other faster way to just say to the Network "IF you find profile XYZ, then delete it"?

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Startup script

by IC-IT In reply to Roaming Profiles Clogging ...

This should be workable by adding this to a startup script if you are using active directory. Leave it in until you are sure all the computers have been used or run a WOL task when the office is empty.

del "c:\documents and settings\" xy*.* /f /s

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by dhuffine In reply to Startup script

I never thought to just make a freakin Startup Script.. Thats a REALLY good idea! Thanks!

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