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Roaming profiles - multiple users/pc's

By noswad ·
Set the scene: I have 18 pc's in an IT-Suite running NT workstation. These PC's are going to be accessed by multiple people (200+) with there own username, password and profile etc. There are 2 printers, a colour laserjet and a b&w that each userneeds access to. Because the users are going to be logging onto multiple machines, I have introduced roaming profiles so their environment is the same no matter what machine they log onto. The problem I have is with installing printers. If a new user logs on, I have to install the printers, they then have access to the printers from whichever machine they log onto. This way works fine. But I don?t want to have to install the printer?s every time a new user logs on. I would like to have them there already installed in the roaming profile if that is possible. If I copy an existing profile (with printers installed) into the new user?s profile folder, then log on as the new user, the printers don?t appear. Then if I go to install the printer, I get a message saying I don?t have sufficient permissions to do this as drivers need to be installed. I then have to go and delete the contents of their profile directory, log back on as the user and then install the printer, the same as before. As you can see, this is for ease of administration, we get lots of new users everyday and this will save us having to install printers every time we a new user logs on.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Permitted To Use

by dzwinck In reply to Roaming profiles - multip ...

Check the Permitted To Use section and verify that the correct user account is listed. You cannot do a straight copy of the profile. Right click on My Computer and select Properties. User Profiles tab. Copy profiles using that area.

You should set up a network server to host the roaming profiles and change each user's account information to reflect this network location.

Another option to add printers easily is to use Con2Prt.exe (from ZAK) or ???.exe (from NTRK). I can't remember the NTRK one but I know and use the con2prt.exe frequently.

Good luck.


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