Roaming Profiles not updating server

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I have instances (including me!) where a file is deleted say from the desktop & is removed from the recycle bin. If user just logs out then logs back in the deleted item stays deleted. If the user reboots or powers up PC from cold, the deleted item reappears. This seems to point to the local copy of the profile not updating the server held profile at reboot.
Environment is Windows XPSP3 clients with AD running on Windows server 2003 (same machine is also DHCP, DNS & DC - not recommended I know but I have no control over that aspect of things).
Following GP are set in Computer Configuration\Admin Templates\System\User Profiles
Do not check for user ownership of RP - enabled
Delete cached copies of roaming profiles - enabled
Add administrators security group to roaming user profiles - enabled

I'm now stumped - can anyone point me in a more fruitful direction please?

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I would start by...

by tmalo627 In reply to Roaming Profiles not upda ...

Checking the affected computers' All Users and Default User profiles. See if the icons in question are in the desktop folder for them.

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no cache on computer settings

by CG IT In reply to I would start by...

that's the reason that the deleted item returns to the trash can after reboot and not after a log off. The setting is applied as a computer setting which doesn't take effect until the computer reboots and loads the settings.

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