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Roaming Profiles or Offline Files??

By rob.lay ·
Hi All, We have a small domain of about 30 users. The majority are based in the office all the time but use different machines so we have roaming profiles implemented so the users can always get their profile. I know that when you log off with a roaming profile it updates any changes that you have made to the server so long as your still connected. I have a problem as we have a small number of mobile users who use laptops, we want them to have roaming profiles (in effect) so that their data/profile is included in all the server backups etc. However if they log off their profile whilst not connected to the network then it does not save their changes as far as I'm aware. What would be the best way of keeping profiles etc synchronised, is roaming profiles the answer or would offline files be a better solution, thanks.

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In my experience...

by Jessie In reply to Roaming Profiles or Offli ...

Roaming profiles are a big PITA (pain in the a--) and should be avoided wherever possible. It is possible to setup Office so that the default save location is a network drive. Especially for management who I would assume have their own computers even if the peons do not, I'd say network drives are the way to go.

If you're concerned about files they save on their drives while they're at home, a simple batch file that they can either run themselves, or that will run with their login script can copy new files over to the network share.

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How About Offline Files

by rob.lay In reply to In my experience...

I take your point, its not something I've done much with in the past. Whats your opinion on Offline files, I was toying with the idea of keeping the mobile users profiles local and then using offline files or folder redirection to take care of their My Docs etc??

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offline files work for me

by Jessie In reply to How About Offline Files

It's been my experience that you'll have fewer headaches with offline folders and redirection, provided you train the users on availability of their files.

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Folder redirection

by Starbury In reply to Roaming Profiles or Offli ...

Why not use redirection; assuming you are working withing AD you can use folder redirection and redirect the users MyDocuments folder to a share on one of the Servers. You can also redirect their desktop folder in the same fashion as well. To the user this will be transparent. For you, you get to have the benefit of having all the important files on the network. Also roaming profiles can become excessively large and can make for long log off/on times. just make sure you have the same software on all the machine and create a new default profile to load up when each new user logs in. For the mobile users, just utilize offlin syncing and you should be fine

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