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    Roaming Profiles


    by adminmichael ·

    I have a question that if someone would help me solve that would be great!

    I recently setup a windows 2000 server at home and setup a AD DC and i want to have every user to have a roaming profile. I setup roaming profiles and they work with windows xp but when i logon to my windows seven machines it creates a whole new folder called Username.V2 how can i make the two share the same roaming profile. But the other question is how can i delete the .V2 folder once its created?

    If someone can help me solve my 2 questions that would be great!

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      This might answer your question(s)….

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      RE: Roaming Profiles in Win 7

      by jlogan3o13 ·

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      Unfortunately, since Vista and Win 7 uses a different profile structure, this is not a configuration issue but a planned feature from Microsoft. The use of roaming profiles when switching between XP and Vista/7 is unsupported, thus the Server will automatically create the V2 profile, and pull over what it can.

      If this is absolutely necessary, it can be accomplished through either some scripting options or low-cost third-party tools. However, the suggestion from Microsoft is to have a homogeneous network and not mix client Operating Systems.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by adminmichael ·

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        OK thanks– that’s what i have found out as well but i also tried to redirect the my documents and desktop folders to the users U:\ because that is basically that same thing… But the problem i ran across is that that doesn’t work on it doesn’t seem to work. do you know why that doesn’t redirect it to the folder?

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      RE: Redirection

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      If you have it set to redirect to the user’s mapped U:\ drive, and that drive map is specified through AD, Group Policy won’t see it upon first logon because GP runs before the drive is actually mapped (I’m pretty sure anyways). You’re better off creating a share on the server and mapping to that.

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