Robocopy: is it working?

By skooboy ·
I read glowing reviews of Robocopy GUI 3.1, yet I can't get it to work. I'm attempting to copy a directory tree from one W2k3 server to another over a campus network. Source path would be E:\Comppany Files, target path would be \\server2\company files. Under Copy Options, I choose to "copy all". Then, I click Run and an immediate window pops up saying "Robocopy job finished at {time}. View log Ctrl + L". Well, it's not finished and nothing transfered. Network connections are fine, but no folders moved and there was no activity graphic. What gives? Is this how Robocopy is supposed to work?
Thanks for all help!

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Re: Robocopy

by christianshiflet In reply to Robocopy: is it working?

If you hit Ctrl+L, what does the log say? Please let us know.

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There is no log

by skooboy In reply to Re: Robocopy

I hit Ctrl + L and only get directed to c:\program files\microsoft\MS Robocopy GUI\Documents. And in there is only robocopy.doc, basically narrative of how the application works. No real logs. Thanks.

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Re: no log

by christianshiflet In reply to There is no log

Can you select the "Save script" option and post the command line that is being executed by the GUI? It seems like there is an error or mis-entry in the flags/options being used by the GUI.

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Sure will, by end of Monday

by skooboy In reply to Re: no log

Thanks; I'm swamped right now, but will do so this afternoon.

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Giving up for now

by skooboy In reply to Robocopy: is it working?

Hey thanks for assisting me on this. I'll give it up for now and fool with it on my test network next week. For now, I'm using Goodsync; it's easier and actually works well.

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Re: Giving up

by christianshiflet In reply to Giving up for now

If you have something that you like and is working for you than that is all anyone can hope for. If you change your mind or have a need to change, let us know. Thanks.

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Robocopy GUI doesnt work

by hbilling In reply to Re: Giving up

No matter what options i select, it dowsnt work ! just says "Robocopy job finished at time <TimeStamp>". Does the GUI work properly???? Will it be the same bug with CLI as well???

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Forget the GUI.

by Dedlbug In reply to Robocopy GUI doesnt work ...

Just spend a few minutes reading over the options for the command line version. I have had trouble with the GUI in the past, but the original command line version works great. It's the only tool I use when I need to move files from one drive to another, keeping permissions intact.

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