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CAL Musings

by TechieRob In reply to Rob's Blog

<p>Im sure everyone that is in the IT administrative role can relate to this.</p>
<p>Acceptable use policy and Acceptable CALs that are built off it. </p>
<p>Is it just me; or does it seem that despite any written and signed client / employee agreement there will always be <strong>one </strong>person (or several, if you are lucky like me) that will test and whine and carry on about your way of 'implementing it'</p>
<p>Here we run ISA server and a few well worn CALs that define what and what not can be accessed via the internet. I have also gone that little bit further and locked down the Active Directory settings on things like internet connections, proxy settings and even approved software installations. Yet, there is always the odd call like</p>
<p>Them: "Rob - Hotmail isnt working"</p>
<p>Me: "Its not supposed to - its been oulined as an unnaceptable web site due to the amount of spam that plague hotmail accounts..."</p>
<p>Them (trying): "But its work related...."</p>
<p>Me (smirking behind my telephone): "Well if your manager approves it, sure.. I'll levy the settings so you can get access to it... Get them to call me..."</p>
<p>The call usually ends there and I dont usually hear back from them or their managers. If there is a clear and precise company policy in place; why are we (techs) always looked upon as the bad guys? This policy was agreed on by the rest of management and asked to be in place; so why do people winge when they cant abuse it? </p>
<p>And what is it with managers being the main culprits of trying to abuse policy? The policy applies to <strong>all employees </strong>(yep i think that covers management too) but yet there is always <strong>one </strong>(or several) who likes to forward 30 odd megabytes of funnies to his off site buddies at other companies and chewing up the bandwidth?!?!</p>
<p>People wonder why im so eccentric sometimes... It's because these users are driving me crazy!!</p>

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