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By pinkice26062 ·
why does the rockxp product key differ from the prduct key number? I downloaded this rockxp utillity to see my key on anther machine. then I checked it with a machine I have the key for. It is a different number. anyone know?

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by Another Computer Guy In reply to rockxp

If this is an OEM computer, i.e. Gateway, HP, Compaq, Dell, etc, each model is loaded from a hard drive image for that particular model. The tag on the side of the machine will have a different Product Key. This is your individual license number which you would use if you have to reload the OS. The fallacy with this is, you may never have to use this number if you use the manufacturers restore CD's or restore partition that is installed on the hard drive because the image will contain the number that was on the original image. Confusin', ain't it? I have seen some mention (can't remember where) that when you take one of these machines home, you should change the product key to the one on the sticker or you aren't legal. I don't believe that is the case or the manufacturer would include some kind of utility to do that on first boot to keep themselves out of hot water. Just suffice it to say, don't worry about it. Just keep that little tag on the side of the machine. If you ever do need it, it will be there.

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by pinkice26062 In reply to rockxp

Thank you, I understand now.

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by DouglasB In reply to rockxp

Keeping your product key on the sticker is very good advice. For example, if you have an HP with reinstall software on the HD in a hidden partition and your mother board blows, your reinstall software won't work unless you put the same HP mother board in for big $$$$. When you could buy a good MB for under $100. With your sticker key you can still install a copy of the o/s even if the mother board has changed.

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