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Roger Grimes on Cloud Computing...

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ran across this article by Roger Grimes where he says, to quote:

[read his article here:],1

"Cloud computing is real, it's here, and it will be adopted by your company, whether you're ready or not"

and he goes on to say that IT Pros need to learn cloud computing security. But all he gives us in the way of "learning" cloud computing is simply a list of questions to ask the cloud provider. Of course being the trusting soul I am, asking a provider do you do this, I would expect a yes answer to it all, even if they don't provide it.

In the mad rush to save what some purport to be billions of dollars in IT expenditures, companies as well as government entities are giving up control of their data and the security of it.

The City of Los Angeles was going full steam ahead to cloud computing citing anual savings of $8 to $10 million a year in IT costs of licensing, hardware and employee costs. Were it not for some council members invervening citing security concerns, the cities entire computer network and databases as well as the police department would be cloud based. I can imagine the hackers drooling to get to the cities financial data and police department records.

While Cloud Computing sounds great to save $$, companies would do well to remember when large companies made the mad rush to outsource help desks. If anyone has called a phone company or computer mfg help desk and waited a half hour or more to talk to someone only to have that customer service represenative simply read from a check list and knew nothing, then consider Cloud Computing and how their customer service department will be. The same thing.

All it will take is a Cloud Computing providers help desk to be unresponsive to a businesses need to fix a problem getting to data to sour businesses idea that they are saving $$. The hour or more it takes to contact and report a problem getting to data, then the time it takes to fix the problem and someone get back to the company, can wipe out the anual savings of cloud computing with just one problem.

While Cloud Computing security is at the top of the scare list, customer service ought to trump that. Help desks and customer service departments will be Cloud Computing providers Achilles Heel. Imagine a problem with accessing a database on a Cloud Computing provider and faced with a half hour phone call wait, then face a customer service rep at a 3rd party help desk mindlessly reading from a check list. Then the anxiety wondering if your trouble call ever gets to the Cloud Provider. The time wasted because employees can't access the database and this could drag on for hours.

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