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Role of cross culture communication in software project suceess

By sbvshrn ·
Culture impacts projects in many ways. No matter how well a project professional tries to adapt to an organisational culture, he or she will still be driven primarily by his or her national culture. It is important for all project personnel to be aware of these cultural differences and to take special care to minimise the potential risks associated with them. Based on the literature on software project success and global teams, I intend to develop a conceptual framework for mitigating risks to project success, arising out of cross-cultural differences. I intend to conduct interviews with global project managers, to validate this framework through a qualitative attribution analysis to identify common themes and patterns of the interview results. National culture, leadership, language , socio-economic, political and religious diversity, time differences are some of the barriers to project success. Organisations implement various methods - communication mechanism, training to mitigate potential risks to project success.

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Its been done-a little

by generapharm In reply to Role of cross culture com ...

Suggest you look up the works of Hofstede on the internet--there is even a full website. He carried out a huge questionaire some years ago based on IBM employees in over 100 countries. He then constructed a series of indices, such as mascuculinity, power index ratio etc. to describe individual cultures.
Although there are a number of criticisms of the study and it is old I have used it recently and found that it is suprisingy accurate.

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