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    Role of IT security personnel


    by carlnjam ·

    What are the main duites for an IT Security personnel/Officer who is responsible for a computer network environment. This include constant monitoring of the network from intruders both internal and external.

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      by carlnjam ·

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      The question is way too broad

      by tig2 ·

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      A security officer may be technical- hardening systems to protect against penetration, governance- insuring retention standards, risk assessment, etc, or compliance- insuring that policy and procedure is in keeping with various laws governing industry.

      My question to you would be “What area specifically are you working in”. Only then could I begin to give you a comprehensive view to general duties.

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      IT Security

      by dspeacock ·

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      Depends on the role:

      Compliance Officer
      data security analyst
      Security Officer – hardware
      Security Officer – other

      there are more flavours of security officer than I care to think about. in some cases we have a finite set of duties, whereas in other cases, you have many many duties that overlap into many different areas.

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      Network Security

      by absolutely ·

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      You need to know the types of TCP/IP traffic, the ports they use, which types are allowed in your network, which types are allowed to leave your network (users viewing public web pages on port 80, for example) and which are allowed into your network (customers placing orders on port ?you decide? )

      Google the word ‘firewall’ as well.

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      Role of IT Security Officer of a University

      by akdaga ·

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      Information Technology Security Officer

      The official responsible for directing implementation of the enterprise information security program. The Information Technology Security Officer will:

      Coordinate the development and maintenance of information security policies and standards.

      Investigate security incidents and coordinate their resolution as defined in the IT Security Escalation Policy.

      Assist Business Owners in assessing their data for classification as defined in the Institutional Data Access Policy and advise them of available controls.

      Implement an information security awareness program.

      Serve as liaison to the Information Security Committee, law enforcement, Internal Audit, and University Legal Services.

      Provide consulting services for information security throughout the enterprise.

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