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By rspm1991 ·
Hi Everyone,
I am relatively new to IT Project Management and in the process of developing a Project Management Methodology for our company. Part of the requirement is to come up with a definition on Roles and Responsibilities of the following people :

Sale Account manager
Pre-Sale engineers
Post-Sale engineers
Implemention (delivery)engineers

Thanks for your help in advance.


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by Srikrishna In reply to Roles and Responsibilitie ...

Hi..I think you are the right person to answer tht..:) Don mind..But its not a generic one coz ur definitions n scope only depends on ur requirements..anyway my best wishes..

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by BFilmFan In reply to Roles and Responsibilitie ...

Here are some brief answers:

Sale Account Manager:

Shmoozes with clients. Buys them dinners. Lies about how beautiful their spouse and children are. Makes big bucks for this.

Pre-Sale Engineers:

Harried technical person that tells Sale Account Manager about a technology to meet client need then is horrified to hear sales person mangle it to "Does Everything You Ever Want" solution to client. Often seen in IBM Magic Item commercials speaking to executives.

Post-Sale Engineers:

Person that architects solution that can never be installed by technical people due to client's crazed demands and lack of product capability. Often wants to kill Sale managers and engineers for even speaking with client in first place. Often cheers for horror movie villans.

Implementation enginners:

Technical individual at bottom rung of ladder that has to cobble together some Rub Goldberg solution that meets none of client needs while listening to Sales Account Manager complain client is not happy. Often can be identified by missing hair from body due to it's having been pulled out by engineer.

Frankly, my advice is to become very familiar with ITIL, ISO and Six Sigma practices. ITIL has several well developed IT management philosophies that will assist you in your IT project management development.

Best of luck on your efforts.

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