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Roles, Replication, and 2003

By dgemcse ·
This could be a tough one....have current NT domain with PDC/BDC. Would like to use migration strategy of bringing in another BDC, and then promoting, and upgrading..BUT AFTER THAT, want to replicate to a CLEAN 2003 server. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION...once NT BDC is promoted to PDC and UPGRADED to 2003, I want to REPLICATE that DC to ANOTHER 2003 DC....what role issues will be seen, and how to avoid them....during REPLICATION DO ALL THE ROLES MOVE OVER DURING REPLICATION ??
What AD role issues will I have and how do i avoid them? This will be the first and only AD box for this domain (unitl later when I bring another in), but since it will be coming from an upgraded NT BDC to 2003 AD, I want to head off any problems when I replicate.....will 2003 replcate master, or FSMT roles? What roles must i be concerned with? Hwo do you replicate with these roles going to the destination server?

What kind of issues could happen with this approach?

Do not have the luxury of installing NT on the destination server, then upgrading, so that is why I want to NT to 2003 AD another box that will be gone after successful upgrade and replication.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Roles, Replication, and 2 ...

Run DCPromo to install a new DC on 2003. It will replicate all the config, domain and schema information across but NOT the FSMO roles. This has to be done manually via the AD MMCs.

Right click on top level in MMC and select 'Operations Masters...' (in diff MMCs) and click Change (You may need to attach to a diff DC first).

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by Monice In reply to Roles, Replication, and 2 ...

You don't have to manually move the FSMO roles. Once you get the new (2nd DC) in the domain just run DCPROMO on the first DC to demote it. I would wait a while to ensure all replication has taken place. Also ensure that during the demotion you select the option stating this is not the last DC in the domain. The FSMO roles will automatically be moved to the remaining (new) DC.

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by Monice In reply to
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The article link I posted above also applies to 2003. Another note: Make sure you have AD integrated DNS on the second server before demoting the first.

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