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Rolling back a Windows 2000 Service Pack

By BobbyJGR ·
I have a little problem I am hoping someone may be able to share some light on. I have 4 Windows 2000 pc's 3 with Service Pack 3 and 1 with Service Pack 4. Unfortunately when the SP was applied the archive feature was NOT checked therefore when you go to add remove programs the SP is not listed. Is there an easy way to roll back a service pack? I need to do this roll-back because the SP3 and 4 are affecting a program that we use and unfortunately the Software creator has no fix for the problem.
Thanks in advance.

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by wcp In reply to Rolling back a Windows 20 ...

No, there is no quick and easy way to roll back.

You have to reinstall Windows (in-place upgrade or repair installation) on top of the current one.
Use Windows 2K CD with no SP3 or SP4.
The in-place upgrade will roll back any SRVICE PACKs, hotfixes, and Microsoft Internet Explorer upgrades to their base versions of the CD you use.


1. : ?How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows 2000?

2. : ?What an in-place Windows 2000 upgrade changes and what it does not change?

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by wcp In reply to

I am quoting the folloing from the second Reference.

"An in-place upgrade:
? Does not change the installed components and programs.
? Does not change any passwords.
? Does not change third-party registry entries.?

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by BobbyJGR In reply to

Thank you, we are good to go

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by BobbyJGR In reply to Rolling back a Windows 20 ...

I figured as much. It will probably be better to rebuild because an in-place upgrade or repair changes the registry wouldn't the affect installed programs? ie. Office etc? Seeing when programs are installed they write to the registry. Just thinking out loud.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Rolling back a Windows 20 ...

yes, an in-place upgrade is not so bad and a good thing to know about. but i just discovered a download called the microsoft quick fix (sheesh) application checker that who knows? might fix your problem. search for it at

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by BobbyJGR In reply to Rolling back a Windows 20 ...

But what about the registry? What happens to other programs? If the registry is replaced other programs I assume would bnot work correct?

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by BobbyJGR In reply to Rolling back a Windows 20 ...

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