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Rolling out a scheduled task

By matthew.roberts ·
How do I roll out a scheduled task to my workstations?

I've created a scheduled task, and have a script to copy this to the tasks folder on the workstations, however it doesn't take the security information with it and therefore it doesn't run properly.

It needs to run as administrator.


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by NZ_Justice In reply to Rolling out a scheduled t ...

You just need to configure the Taskshedular service to run as administrator, you can set this in AD but I'm not sure where. The manually process is this:
On workstation, select start - run - service.msc, locate Task Shedular Service, dubble left click on the serice, properties window should open, select logon tab - select this account and enter in the admin account details. apply click ok and you should be set.

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Can you help me, please?

by bill In reply to Rolling out a scheduled t ...

Hi. Can you tell me how you copied your scheduled tasks please?

This is exactly what I want to do, but I can't find where WinXP has stored them (there appears to be nothing in my Windows/Tasks directory, except the wizard itself?)



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Use the at command to schedule tasks

by samshiles In reply to Can you help me, please?

Download psexec from (part of the pstools suite). With this tool you can access a remote command prompt with the command:

psexec \\computername cmd

once on the remote command prompt use the 'at' command ( to schedule the task.

All of this can be scripted using a batch file.

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by dermant77 In reply to Rolling out a scheduled t ...

The security information will never be copied with the task file. It is a security feature built into windows.

You can use schtasks.exe to give the newly copied tasks user and password after they have been copied to the computer. You can add the info into your current batch file, after the copy of the tasks, or create a new batch file to run after the other one.

Go to to get more info on the schtasks.exe program.

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