Rolling out XP on External harddrive's bootable?

By bigbook ·
Well, I currently work in the IT infrastructure. We install o/s's all day on systems, and I had an idea,
We have many cds that are xp home, xp pro, and 2k, but they get lost extremely easly. We do have a small external drive thats 120gb's that we were considering doing the following on:
making the external harddrive boot [bios supports it], and creating a 'simple gui' that looks as following
1) XP Home
2) XP Pro
3) 2k Pro
[Using magicISO]
now it's not soo hard to do to create the .iso,
but is it possible to place it on the harddrive and do the xp install on it?
It would help us out alot if anybody has any knowledge in this field.
Oh, one more question:
Is it possible to go into a OS, say Windows [via PE Environment external] and install windows to the internal harddrive while still in the PE environment?


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