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Recently I rebooted Windows XP. After installation, 1 of my rom drives didn't appear when I opened My Computer...Furthermore, as the result my other rom drive was unstable and would not work correctly. After I rebooted windows, the drive letter for the 2nd rom drive appeared with a question mark included. After I unplugged the faulty rom drive from my power supply, my other rom drive worked correctly again..I supect the power supply is shot, but don't want to go out and buy a new 1 and find out this does not solve the problem

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May not be shot power supply but underpowered power supply

by Why Me Worry? In reply to ROM DRIVE

Your situation is common for those who have recenently upgraded their motherboards, CPU, CDROMs', etc, but fail to upgrade the power supply and are thus underpowered to provide the needed current for all the new devices. If either CDROM drive works fine individually, but not both together, considering you have the master/slave jumpers positioned properly if not using cable select, then I'd say your P/S need to be replaced for one with more juice. Antec makes some pretty good power supplies that can supply up to 500W of power for newer P4 systems with SATA drives, as they draw much more power than older P4 ATX motherboards.

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by mmjf2112 In reply to May not be shot power sup ...

Thanks for the info...At the time I built my computer I only had 2 cd rom drives; a writer and rom...within the last few years I upgraded my rom drives to a dvd writer and dvd rom...so that my explain why the power supply crapped out on me...can't keep up the dvd roms now...I'll look into the antec power supply..thanks again

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