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Romaing Profiles cant find Admin.bat

By dthirlway ·
I have a Win2K spk2 Server with WinXP Pro workstations.

I have roming propfiles setup, the have never realy work that well (does any one know if there are any issues with winXP Pro and Win2K roaming profiles?), they are now gettin the following errors when they log on and when they get in all their setting are all gone. Can some one please give me some tips.

1st message

Windows cannot copy file \\ctcsrv1\USERS\student1\admin.bat\ to location C:\Documents and Settings\student1\admin.bat. Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient security rights. If problem persists contact system administrator.

2nd message

Windows can not find local profile and is logging on with a temporary profile. Changesyou make to this profile will be lost when you log off.


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Romaing Profiles cant find Admin.bat

by NMead In reply to Romaing Profiles cant fin ...

Did you correctly implement Roaming Profiles? You need to configure a profile how you want it on a client machine, (including copying the admin.bat file into the profile) then logout and back in as Administrator. Then using the 'User Profiles' tab under System Properties, copy the correctly configured profile to the NETLOGON share of your Domain Controller into a subdirectory called 'Default User'. Use the 'Permitted to Use' button to give 'YOURDOMAIN\Everyone' access to use it.


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Romaing Profiles cant find Admin.bat

by t10p_mwj In reply to Romaing Profiles cant fin ...

A little more information might be helpful, such as server config and how the network iss etup. Quick place to look is at the profile setup on the server, it sounds like there is a script set to run but it can't be located. Either remove the logon script from the profile's setup or just create a blank batch file in the location for a simple fix. The second message make sure the profile can be downloaded to your drive, another setting if I'm not mistaken.

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by dthirlway In reply to Romaing Profiles cant fin ...

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