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    Romance and dating scams?


    by indigofurr ·


    Lately I’ve been receiving friend requests in Facebook from unknown “ladies”, the last one happened this morning named “Privya Ren”, the profile is deactivated already. I’ve read about dating scams (link removed by moderator) and wonder if this might be it? Anyone here got ever involved in such a scam or knows a person that went through it? I don’t want to shame anybody here, just wondering what happens if you start responding. How long does it take to be asked for money? If paid do the scamers come back and ask for more?

    I’ve never accepted any of those friend requests and started reporting them to FB.

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      Chatroom scams

      by pandeysaurabh335 ·

      In reply to Romance and dating scams?

      Yes reporting these profile is absolutely the correct way.
      Let me tell you one day I read a blog about chat room apps and followed it:
      (link removed by moderator)
      Obviouslty the blog is amazing and genuine about the topic,but when I started using this app I found many scammers who are trading in nudes. One of my friend had to pay $500 in order to maintain his privacy on social media

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