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Romoving Internet Explorer totally!

By derryck1950 ·

Can anyone explain to me how to TOTALLY REMOVE Internet Explorer SP1 software from my Computer's Default?

Thank you,
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by TheChas In reply to Romoving Internet Explore ...

That depends on which version of Windows you are running.

If you are running Windows 2000 SR1 or an earlier version, you can use IERadicator.

If you are running a later version of W2K, or XP, you are basically S.O.L.

Internet Explorer is so tightly woven into the operating system that you cannot remove IE without rewriting the Windows code.

The best you can do is remove all the shortcuts and registry keys for IE.

Keep in mind that Windows Update ONLY works with IE.


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by TheChas In reply to

Got your message.

I have not used IERadicator myself.

Have you tried going to add/remove programs and removing IE6 first?

Looking over the readme file for IERadicator, it looks like the last time it was updated was for IE 6 and has not been updated for IE 6 SP1.

I checked some of my resources and was not able to find any other valid options for IE removal.

Hard to say for sure what is getting in the way of IERadicator.

Have you tried exiting every running application using Task Manager (Ctrl Alt Del) before running IERadicator?

It's possible that anti-virus or anti-spy-ware applications along with Windows services could be causing problems.


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