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Rookie Slide Show woes...

By jpsmith17 ·
I am a web design rookie building a site for my girlfriend who is a photographer. I am trying to build a slide show to upgrade her current (mostly static) page. Here's the catch. She wants to show slides (photos) of different dimensions. I have successfully design the slide show for use in MS Explorer, but it does not work in older versions of Netscape (In older versions of Netscape, the new image is distorted to meet the dimensions of the original image. I think this is a classic problem). Here's the next catch, she doesn't believe in the "well then upgrade your browser" response. Is there anyone who can give me some tips on building a slide show for photos of different dimensions that can work in Explorer and older versions of Netscape without using a software plu-in or applet? I am at my wits end. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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server side programming?

by Jay Eckles In reply to Rookie Slide Show woes...

One option might be to write a small server side program that generates the same page over and over, the only differences being that the image displayed on the page is different each time and a sequence number is updated, so when the program is called again, it knows to show the next picture.

This might be a little slower than a browser-based solution because of the multiple requests to the server, but you won't need any of the Javascript that is no doubt causing your current problems.

Basically I would envision storing the photos on disk in their own directory. The program then reads the directory to determine how many files are in there, and it can display them in the slide show in alphabetic order of the file names. If you wanted a different order, you could maintain a text file with the file names in the order you want to display them.

There are certainly lots of options. I would suggest doing a search at sites like resourceindex.com and see what you come up with.

Good luck.


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