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    Room Scheduling Software w/ Outlook Cal


    by notsotechie ·

    Looking for any software package or ideas to use with Outlook Calendar. MUST show all available rooms with different criteria searches; by date & time and by rooms. MUST be able to reserve, send out invitations, and cancel room then send out cancellation notice from the same area.

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      Reply To: Room Scheduling Software w/ Outlook Cal

      by cyberthug ·

      In reply to Room Scheduling Software w/ Outlook Cal

      So you have tried using outlook itself to do those things and you don’t like it?

      i know you can setup schedule for rooms and equipments w/outlook. But i am not sure about the criteria searches. but outlook should allow you to view rooms and schedule and tell you if its booked or not.

      i’d check with the microsoft knowledge base on outlook scheduling unless you already went that route.

      good luck, etc.

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