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root directory

By jaboy78 ·
my bb shows this error in my unix running squid

/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 867935 734834 72346 92% /

how to clean the logs of this / directory
Where is it located??

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by joematus In reply to root directory

The / directory is the root directory, it sounds like it's filling up. All your other partitions like var are mounted under the root directory. If it fills up, you're system will have big problems. You'll want to find where your large files are -- this will show the files greater than 1 meg:

find / -xdev -size +1024 -ls | sort -r +b

Note that this will show all your files greater than 1 meg as opposed to that in the root directory. To get to the root directory:

cd /

While you're there use this command to find the subdirectories that take up the most space:

du -k | sort -nr | more

You'll want to find the app that is creating the files that are starting to fill up the root dir. If it's squid try having it log to somewhere that you have more disk space. As an alternative, if you need the large files you can move them or create a symbolic link that writes them to another partition. What you decide really depends on what is causing your root directory to fill up.

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by jaboy78 In reply to

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by jaboy78 In reply to root directory

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