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    root sector or regedit problem


    by whistlerpk ·

    Hi ,
    wel i have a problem on my network. some virus or trojan leaves his footsteps on my all drives, like c, d and f drives (hard drive). the file name is autorun.inf and inside is ravmon.exe ..the result is i can not open my all drives ( c, d e, f drives of my computer)by double click or even by rigt click open. i can see this autorun.inf or ravmon.exe as a hiddne file but i can not delete or rename these . i hav etried almost all antivirus or spyware or adwares but invain. i even tried to delete it from regedit but this file read only and not deleted. even in safe mode or not even in command promntp.. please as one can help me to solve this problem ..i am using Win XP .
    i would appriciate if i got the solution
    thanks and Regards

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