By wesley.chin ·
Has anyone been able to get rid of infostealer.gampass trojan? It brought with it hacktool.rootkit. I have looked for the keys that should be present with the infestation, but after removing them, the trojans remain.

There is another one, backdoor.trojan but I don't know if it came along with infostealer.

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Fixing registry keys not enough.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Rootkits

You must also find the file(s) which caused the problems.

Have you scanned the computer with anti-virus/anti-spyware software? Have you tried running Ccleaner repeatedly until it finds nothing more to clean?

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by wesley.chin In reply to Fixing registry keys not ...

With every reboot, the files that are infected are different.

Symantec Antivirus Corporate detected the trojans. S&amp has been run. CCleaner has not been run.

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Download this ISO, make the CD, boot to it.

by formerly In reply to Rootkits

Bitdefender rescue CD. It will mount your hard drive as a linux partition, update its own definitions (from the internet), scan for viruses on your hard drive, and REMOVE THE VIRUSES.

If/since symantec isn't cutting the mustard, you might try a different antivirus/antispyware. BitDefender's free AV works well, as does AVG from

S&amp is good for spyware, but I don't recommend it as a sole defense. Adaware 2007 is a good followup. These trojans can be tricky to get rid of.

Booting to the rescue CD is good since it boots linux, and doesn't allow windows-based viruses/trojans to load. Since ALL (99.99999%) of viruses are Windows based, booting to a linux CD (mentioned at the top of this post) is a safe option.

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Thanks for that link Pete

by Dumphrey In reply to Download this ISO, make t ...

I have been using UBCD4Win to do this, which takes longer to update, boot, and burn. I am suprised more AV companies do not offer an iso like this =\ Then again, maybe I'm not...
I would give you a Thumb if this was my thread. Mentally add one to your tally each time you look at it=)

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by wesley.chin In reply to Rootkits

Will reinstalling the OS get rid of the rootkit?

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by willcomp In reply to Rootkits

This is the most effective free spyware removal program. Should remove hacktool.

AV software just doesn't effectively remove spyware/adware.

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