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Rotated images folder

By ingulkarvj ·
hi everybody,

right now i m facing problem with my mac.
i m using G5 with mac os x10.3.8
from last 2 days i m facing a problem.
whenever i copy folder to desktop from network it will automatically create a folder named ROTATED IMAGES.i really can't understand this,if i delete it it goes but comes back as soon as i copied some other folder to desktop.if i didn't delete it and copy another folder to desktop it will not create another folder. pls help m with this...

thanx in advance.


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by Australian Fun In reply to Rotated images folder

Have you installed something recently? Try to log in without startup items (Shift-Click on log in button) or just check what's in the Startup Items. Try to clear your preferences (make a back up copy if your desctop is highly customized) and browsers' cache (who knows what's there). Also, "find ~ -name '.DS_Store' -exec rm -rf '{}' ';'" from Terminal will screw up all your folders' settings, but may [or may not] be useful.

Do you go by Browse? If so, try to use Connect.... If not so, try to use Browse.

At last, does it happen only if you copy to Desktop? What about copying to your Documents? Might work as a work around (understandably, uncomfortable).

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by Bob.Nance In reply to Rotated images folder

It sounds like you have some sort of "Folder Action" defined for your current directory. Log in as another user (create one, if you need to) and try again. If it doesn't do it for the new account, play with your Finder preferences and see if you can find some of the folder actions in "Library:Scripts:Folder Action Scripts". This directory is under your home directory.

If it does do it after you log in as the new user, then it is defined at the system level. All folder references then become from the top of the disk heirarchy,

If you can't find the culprit, log in, create a folder to save your old preferences (Maybe call it Library:Old Preferences) and copy all of the contents of your Library:Preferences folder to it. Then log out and log back in and see if the problem goes away. Copy preferences from the old to the new and see which preference file brings back the undesired action.


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by lyon_bleu In reply to Rotated images folder

Another work around is to create a new folder on your desktop
and then copy the contents of the folder on the server to the
new folder.

In addition to a folder action attached to the Desktop Folder,
similar behavior could be caused by an alias file or link, or by a
path set in preferences, either on the client side, or more likely
on the server side.



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by lyon_bleu In reply to

Try searching locally for folders named "Recent Servers" or
"Servers". If they have alias files in them, delete the files; if they
have "*.webloc" files in them, let them be.



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