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~rotflmao~ tag funny - late thursday early friday YUK

By Jaqui ·
This is just way to funny..
here we are, browsing an american owned and operated website, yet the humour tag being used most often, is the NON american spelling of humour.

tells ya that the majority of TR members aren't american doesn't it? ]:)

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by Shellbot In reply to ~rotflmao~ tag funny - la ...

you've got some spare time on your hands don't ya :)

so, is it all "christmassy" over there? Snowy & cold?

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heck no!!

by Jaqui In reply to wow

raining and windy, or sunny and cool.
but the week of snow was winter on the wet coast.

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hey gg, Shell..

by Jaqui In reply to ~rotflmao~ tag funny - la ...

you two should be off for lunch right now, not here on TR.

it's 12:10 there [ 4:10 am here ( TR TIMEZONE ) ]

I'm in trouble now, gotta do a revamp of a website... sex education site.. public sex party site .. sex classes site... all the same site. ]:)
hmm..wonder if I can become the object for the _ _ _ _ j o b classes ]:)

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why are YOU here???

by Shellbot In reply to hey gg, Shell..

if i were you, i'd be tucked up in my warm bed with my teddy bear!!

Lunch is generally taken 1-2 here. I often don't go till 1.30-2.30, makes the afternoon fly by :)

Was going to run down to the shops, but its raining out..so dunno..i'll go have a ciggy and survey the situation!

Go to bed..i'm sure you'll dream up all sorts of ways revamp the site ]:)

wow, they give BJ classes now? hahhaaa..
(i'm just gonna shut up now)

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by Jaqui In reply to why are YOU here???

cause I usually go to bed around 8 am here.. 4 pm there.
I'm up all night long.

I was laughing when I heard that they give blowjob classes, but not as much as the public sex parties.. in a 5 star hotel here.

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actually, Jaq

by gadgetgirl In reply to hey gg, Shell..

I was logged in, but just tabbed off to read the news while munching lunching.....

You'll have to send me the link for the sex sites once you've re"vamp"ed them!

You? volunteer for a BJ class? Yeah, right - and as the tutor as well, I assume!!!



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by Shellbot In reply to actually, Jaq

screen wipes please GG

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by Jaqui In reply to actually, Jaq

no, only if they are doing it wrong, then beat them until they do it right.

the woman who owns the site is the one that gives the classes..but she limits it to women only, they hold them in adult toy shops and use the toys for practicing.
[what a waste of effort ]:) if you are going to be doing that, at least do it on the real thing...then you get undeniable feedback when you did it right ]

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that last line

by gadgetgirl In reply to tutor?

was the "opener" I was expecting from you!

Glad to see you didn't disappoint me!

Shell - screenwipes on way - -sorry!


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Scribble, Scribble <taking notes>

by DMambo In reply to that last line

This thread will be in my report when I finally get it compiled.

The impurity is absolutely shocking...SHOCKING!!!

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