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    Route add’l IP assigned by ISP to internal web server


    by justinaaa2 ·

    I need to configure my network such that an additional public IP assigned by my isp can route to my internally hosted web server.

    Network equipment involved in this discussion:

    Cable modem with 2 IPs on the account.
    One is assigned to the modem one is for use elsewhere (web server).
    -connected to —->
    Sonicwall firewall
    -connected to—->
    Layer 3 switch stack ( Netgear FSM series )
    -connected to—->
    Internally Hosted Web server

    I’ve got the public IP from the isp assigned to the NIC of the web server and to the web site in IIS.

    I need to know if I need to configure a vlan on the switch stack in order for the traffic to traverse the network from the firewall to the web server, or if there is something else I should be doing.


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