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Route Recovery on a L2 Switch for link failure on network

By Junecore ·
Hello All,

I am trying to setup a network redundancy for a streaming media server.
I am more worried about link breakage, rather than equipment failure.
There are Five Subnets: 1 Server subnet and 4 Host subnets.
Each S/switch has two 1GB uplinks going to either another switch
or Router1/2.

The setup is as follow:

I want to setup :

1. Route Recovery between S/Switch links.
So if link going to Router1 goes down Link to Router2
should take over and continue the media streaming without
any or very small amount interuption. This setup is more
to protect from link failure rather than switch failure.
What type of setup is commonly used for this kind of network?
Again, the switch has two ports that will forward the traffic
to either router1/2 and later the traffic will be send to S0
(switch in subnet0).

2. Route priority on Routers to reach the live server.
Each row of S#/Swithes is its own subnet. I am not much familiar
with clustering and HA senerio. So please give me some basic guidance
on what i need to do on network side for this kind of clustered setup.

Let me know if you need more information.

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