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By kevin203 ·

I have 2 router in each respective building, 2 different company which manage under one IT department. Each network have one router, server and at least 30 client.

Internet access, application and data server also took place in both network. I currently using D-Link DL-724P+ and Netgear WGR614GE router.

I need to restart these router at least twice a week... If not, these router is not accessible and some the application run by client will fail too.

Some of the staff also complaint that they couldn't do any surfing at all. How am i going to minimize this down time?

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by antuck In reply to Router

If you are using DSL and a PPPOE connection you may have to change a setting in the router. Off the top of my head I don't remember how Dlink or Netgear word it, but with a Linksys router you have two choises, one connect on demand, two keep alive. If the connect on demand is selected, after awhile it will drop the connection. What should happen is when someone tries using the internet, the router is suppose to reconnect. But I have seen that fail several times and restarting the router fixes it. The other selection is keep alive. This will maintain a connection to the internet always. If it drops the router will reconnect. This maybe one of the things going wrong.

You may also want to see if there is a firmware update that solves the issue of dropping an internet connection for the routers

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Running Internally

by kevin203 In reply to

Dear Andy,

The problem not related to DSL nor PPPOE but internally itself.

D-Link is less problem but Netgear need to restart more frequently. Izzit because of the usage or device itself?

Or i need to restart it twice a week to clear the router cache memory or buffer. Is there any router for corporate use?

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