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Hi All
I am in search for a long standing problem at my workplace. We are a small setup. anybody can access any network resource... internet etc. i want to make it more controllable.
here my problem
we are in a Class C network our network protected by Pix firewall(NAT). and our network connected to another class C network thru a cisco 1700 router also. now i have the router ip at the default gateway in all the machines. router routes the requests for the other class c network to there and rest of the requests to pix and it goes to internet. now i want to have a restriction on the requests goes to internet. what i thought in simple terms as below

if {request from ip} between to
Router should route to either to or internet
elseif {request from ip} between to
Router should route only to (not to internet)

can anybody help me to advice on the proper router commands?

Hope this clarifies my request, if any more info required pls let me know.

regret the improper grammer and punctuation!


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