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    Router 2511


    by gmail ·

    How configure router (2511)to access the console of multiple devices.I do not use ISP all I want is to setup my lab;
    two roters 2610
    one router 2521
    tow switches 2900 XL
    one router 2511
    and all the cables of a store can have.

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      creating shortcuts

      by cisco ·

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      Because you will be reverse telnetting into your routers and switches, it’s easy to create shortcuts using the below commands from the global config mode:

      ip host r1 2001

      where r1 is the shortcut, 01 is the line number (the octal cable number), and is the loopback address of your equipment.

      So, your 2511 router will have the below configuration:

      ip host r1 2001
      ip host r2 2002
      ip host r3 2003
      ip host sw1 2004
      ip host sw2 2005

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        Router 2511

        by gmail ·

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        destination unreachable:gateway or host down

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          equipment setup

          by cisco ·

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          How is your equipment setup?

          When and where do you get “host unreachable” message?

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          Running configuration on 2511router

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          Current configuration:
          version 11.2
          no service password-encryption
          no service udp-small-servers
          no service tcp-small-servers
          hostname r0
          ip host-routing
          ip host r1 2001
          interface Ethernet0
          no ip address
          interface Serial0
          no ip address
          interface Serial1
          no ip address

          The router 2511 is connet to the router 2610 using the cab-octal-async cable on the console port were 01 is the line number of (octal-cable)
          when I want to telnet router 2610 I do this
          from router 2511:
          r0#telnet r1
          Trying r1 (, 2001)…
          % Destination unreachable; gateway or host down. ok
          Thank you for your important time !!

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          by cg it ·

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          well your interfaces don’t have addresses so thats the first problem. The second problem is that shutdown means the interface isn’t active. Give the interfaces an address on the LAN then use the no shutdown.

          what interface is the Octal cable connected to?

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          the octal cable is connected to the console of the router 2016 using line “1”
          When I want to active interface async1 using no shutdown it does not work, because the interface is down.

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          cisco 2511 public IP…

          by vlan4 ·

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          I have a cisco 2511 and a public IP address, do i give the ethernet 0 the public IP address?

          How can i secure my network part from using ssh??

          pleas ehelpppp

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          by cisco ·

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          Unless you want to purchase a firewall, you can sort of protect your network using NAT. Assign your public address to your ethernet port and use NAT overload to translate all of your internal IP addresses (e.g. your servers and host computers).

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          which ports to open

          by vlan4 ·

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          Hi thanks for the info.

          For remote users to access the internal cisco router, switches, how many public IP do i need? one is enough?

          i need to open the ports on the firewall, how many ports do i need for remote users to access the internal equipment? port 22 is enough?

          thanks for your help. I dont have the equipment, ive read a few docs but couldnt the the right info.
          merry xmas.

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          by cisco ·

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          Sorry for the late reply, but here it goes.

          to access r1, instead of typing “telnet r1”, just type, “r1”

          Then, if you are hooking up more equipment through octal cable (2511), just put in more shortcuts (e.g. ip host r2 2002 Just a reminder, but the line number must match the octal cable number. Hopefully, your octal cables are numbered.

          After typing, “r1”, if you get a message, “% Connection refused by remote host”, then type , “clear line 1” for line 1 and “clear line 2” for line 2, etc… Sometimes, you may have to clear lines multiple times; then type “r1” again. YOu should be able to get in. If you have more questions, please email me at

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