Router and DNS logs that don’t appear to be mine

By Harvestz12 ·
I use Cisco umbrella on home network for DNS and about 2 weeks ago suddenly started getting DNS showing up that clearly isn’t mine— involving conspiracy theories, hookers, Bitcoin motorbikes etc — ( no one else in house) shows up a couple of times a day for about 20 minutes a time and also still showed when I went away too , all devices switched off , all phones with me etc— it’s not all the time, it’s in fits and starts— I have a dedicated IP address that doesn’t change , I checked that is still the same and it is— initially I thought someone else was logging into our router but surely it wouldn’t always be the same sites over and over— could it be some kind of malware on the netgear nighthawk router ? as I don’t switch that off when I go away— if so, how do you clear it - as it’s a bit disturbing having all this dodgy crap going through it
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Try this.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Router and DNS logs that ...

Completely unplug the router for about 5 minutes, clear your computer's browser cache and see if it resolves the problem. I suggest that you change your router passcode, pick a complex passcode of letters, numbers and special characters (#$%^&* for example). I suspect someone is logging into the internet using your router without your permission.

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I can't tell what your router is or what version firmware.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Router and DNS logs that ...

There's a new frag attack out that I can't tell if it's in play here but if I heard this story not only would I take the advice about browser cache and router passcodes but check up on updates because... new attacks this year.

There are many articles out now but my experience is this is usually about free WiFi and not a direct attack (except if you are a pipeline company?)

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